World Federation Of Dorper Societies


The following was reported in the minutes of the 2010 meeting of the World Federation of the Dorper Breeders Societies: “……….. Ernest Connan apparently sent out an e-mail after the last meeting, unbeknown to us, claiming the Federation has no place and serves no purpose.” The minutes were posted on the internet. Mr. Connan contacted the office of the South African Dorper Society and asked the office to investigate the origin of the allegation. The office replied that the person that made the statement at the meeting, based the statement on a remark that was made during a group discussion, but he could not remember who made the remark. The e-mail could not be traced, because “nobody keeps e-mails that long.”

We acknowledge the fact that the abovementioned allegation was made at the 2010 meeting of the Federation and also the fact that it was a false accusation This issue was clarified during the meeting of the World Federation of the Dorper Breeders Societies’

It was decided at the meeting of the Federation that was held in Pretoria on 29th August 2012 to officially apologise to Mr. Connan.

Download the report of the WORLD FEDERATION meeting 2010.

Our Aim is to:

Improve distribution of Dorpers by:

  • Co-operation of Breed Societies
  • Compiling common breeding guidelines
  • Compiling principles to acknowledge pedigrees
  • Promotion of the breed
  • Stimulating research
  • Exchange of research results and knowledge
  • Subscription – no charge

Contact us for a subscription form to become a member

Current registered members:

  • UK Dorper Breeders Society
  • American Dorper Breeders Society
  • Namibian Dorper Breeders Society
  • South African Dorper Breeders Society
  • Mexican Dorper Breeders Society
  • Dorper Sheep Society of Australia Inc.
  • German Sheep Breeders
  • Brazil Dorper Sheep Breeders Society
  • Dorper Sheep Association of Czech Republic

Only National Societies become members. Only one society per country. Meetings held every second year when World Championship Show takes place in South Africa.

Chairman – Ernest Connan
Secretary – Mrs Charlotte Milne